The Nebraska Association of Mortgage Professionals (NEAMB) believes that education is key to our success as an industry. With recent changes in national regulation, education will soon be mandated nationally. To serve this need, NEAMB has established an Education Committee whose primary role is to establish, develop and present industry courses that will not only serve the on-going needs and desires of the mortgage broker community, but provide required continuing education as required by applicable law.

Chuck Sederstrom   Education Committee Chairman

Chuck Sederstrom 
Education Committee Chairman

Brent Rasmussen  Education Committee Co-Chairman

Brent Rasmussen Education Committee Co-Chairman

The Education Committee is chaired by Chuck Sederstrom and co-chaired by Brent Rasmussen. Current members also include Holly Schneidewind, Tad Volmer and Sarah Stone. To date, three members have attended and passed the necessary course offered by NAMB (NAMBits) so as to be state instructors of NAMB approved courses. These three instructors are Matt Fuller, Brent Rasmussen and Chuck Sederstrom. The intent is to have these instructors provide as many NAMB approved courses as possible. We are also looking for more members that desire to take the necessary steps to become a NAMB instructor.

For more information on becoming a NAMB instructor, contact Chuck Sederstrom (402-502-6501) or Brent Rasmussen (402-991-5153). In addition, the committee has scheduled classes with NAMB national instructors.