Benefits of Becoming a NEAMB Member

Legislative Advocacy

NEAMB represents the mortgage broker industry promoting legislation, negotiating with regulatory agencies, and working in partnership with other associations to achieve our public policy goals.  It is the goal of NEAMB to present a Legislative bill to the State of Nebraska in ’09.  Legislative victories by NAMB have earned the respect of HUD, industry representatives and consumer groups. NAMB continues to make our presence felt at the negotiating table as we press for fundamental mortgage reform in Congress

The association’s extensive grassroots member network is NAMB’s crown jewel and the envy of the mortgage finance industry. It allows us to strike quickly when major legislative or regulatory issues threaten our members’ livelihoods. With our sizeable membership, we are often called upon to provide guidance as new laws and regulations take shape. Our growing numbers and grassroots activism have attracted broad support from leaders in our nation’s Capitol and translate into more clout both within the industry and among regulators and elected officials.

Industry Information

As a NEAMB / NAMB member, you receive News from NAMB every week by e-mail, in addition to the monthly edition of National Mortgage Broker magazine. All members receive legislative and regulatory updates as well as regular industry updates via our all-member e-mail network.

You'll also receive a complimentary subscription to NAMB’s official monthly publication - National Mortgage Broker Magazine - that offers all NAMB members comprehensive coverage of industry trends, people and events. This is a must-read publication for the serious mortgage professional.

Industry Public Relations

NAMB’s overall public relations effort to educate consumers about the value of the broker-customer relationship and to support the greater membership takes many different forms. NAMB’s full-time staff of communications professionals has made certain that our pro-broker message is featured in national publications, network television news shows and radio broadcasts across the country.   The NEAMB Communications Director provides local communication needs to address publications made by the local media.

NAMB provides specially designed consumer education brochures that members can offer customers to give them even more information and piece of mind during the home buying process.  Consumers also have access to certain areas of the NAMB website that showcase the value-added services mortgage brokers have to offer. By visiting NAMB website, your clients will learn that NAMB members are well-educated, well-respected leaders in their field who are committed to their profession and to their customers’ satisfaction. Members also have exclusive access to NAMB’s Members Only section that provides additional regulatory and legislative updates, increased coverage of the entire mortgage industry, special offers and more!

NEAMB's Commitment to Members

In the midst of NEAMB’s remarkable growth, our top priority is to be responsive to the needs of our members. Through your involvement in NEAMB, you will have a national voice on the issues that will help shape the future of our industry and your business. All across our association, NEAMB is a unifying force, helping incorporate the ideas and energy of a growing membership into success and timely action. We will continue to use our members’ resources wisely to develop and improve services that keep up with the demands of our changing needs. Our goal is excellence, and our members’ satisfaction is our guide.NEAMB is working for you and your industry every day.  

Education Program

The goal of the NEAMB Education Committee is to provide reasonably priced and convenient educational opportunities across Nebraska. As a member of NEAMB, you receive even greater savings every time you enroll! Educational courses are held at various locations and events across the state, providing you with many opportunities to expand your knowledge. From introductory courses to those courses that examine key mortgage industry issues, we offer a training course for everyone.

With more and more states looking to continuing education as a chief requirement of state licensure, industry education is more important than ever before. Participation in educational courses not only allows you to expand your business, but it provides much-needed business insurance.

NAMB’s certification program presents you with a golden opportunity to advance your career. With three levels of certification available, NAMB gives you another tool to differentiate yourself from other mortgage professionals, increase your business opportunities, maintain your skills and industry knowledge, and boost your bottom line. Whether you are a seasoned mortgage broker or someone relatively new to the business, certification is a worthwhile investment.

Valuable Member Discounts

NEAMB / NAMB members have the opportunity to receive handsome discounts on a variety of goods and services through NAMB's Strategic Alliance Program. Overnight shipping and long-distance services are just the start of our ever-expanding member discount programs. NEAMB / NAMB membership saves you and your company money!